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  • What has your Menu done for you lately?

    6 May at 20:36 from atlas

    It's been said that in  today's fast paced world it takes 8 seconds to grab the average person's attention. With this in mind, everything about your menu - the design, layout, colour, font, the amount of white space you use - will attract  or deter your desired patron.

    How many times have you seen diners out and about looking for a place to eat, moving from doorway to doorway, reading menus affixed to the exterior of establishments or on a pedestal out front. Decisions. Decisions. So many choices. So many establishments.

    These prospective patrons are waiting to be lured into an establishment with the promise of a gastronomic experience of their choosing - a chance to travel the world  for a few stolen moments - Italy, France, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam.

    In this common scenario, we observe the menu as both a formidable draw card and sales tool. It's role is simple - to entice and usher gastronomic tourists into your establishment. It should be your best sales person.

    The menu is a window into the soul of your establishment. It is also a strategic business tool designed specifically to attract your desired diner. It will define your turnover, the margins you can expect to achieve and directly link to your bottom line.

    So, what has your menu done for you lately?