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  • The only resource you can't recycle is wasted time

    14 September at 18:30 from atlas

    Have you ever had an idea so great you were sure you would burst? Or the idea or concept would be lost forever if you didn't share it with someone?

    I experienced this a year ago. Vividly, I can recall how my wife patiently sat and listened while I shared my idea which, many months later, would become a reality. The idea was based on giving back time to busy hospitality professionals by digitising menu writing to create elegant menus from a smart phone. That's right - an App! But let me step back for a moment and explain why this idea was so important to me at the time.

    I have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and, like most professions nowadays, everyone is time poor and budget sensitive. In hospitality, we plan and prep for service - this is where we want to spend our valuable time - and at the same time we want to focus on our patrons, serve them our wonderful creations, and inspire great conversation over remarkable wine. And herein lies the challenge.

    In a working day there are so many operational and time-sensitive activities that pull us away from delighting our patrons. Our lives are ruled by time; when we define what time means to us we use words such as 'precious', 'important', 'valuable' and 'limited'. In the hospitality profession something we all have in common, and where vast amounts of time can be saved, is during the menu writing process.

    On average most food related businesses will change or adjust their menus 2 to 3 times in a year; wine and beverage menus may change annually or more frequently. What remains true is menus will always change 

    This brings me back to the day MenuLockerâ„¢ was born - an easy-to-use mobile App, connected to a growing cloud-based culinary database, accessible to everyone in hospitality with access to a smartphone, iPad or tablet. In creating MenuLocker, I had a few non-negotiables:

    • It had to seamlessly infuse the innovation of technology with one of the oldest professions
    • It had to genuinely save users time
    • And the most important stipulation was there would be no subscription fee. In other words, once users download the App, it's theirs to use for a lifetime.

    I am proud to say the MenuLockerâ„¢ App has achieved the above criteria, and more. I am grateful to the team of people who helped me bring my idea to life especially my wife; without her enthusiastic support this idea would have remained just that - an idea.

    Time is a commodity; a scarce resource to which we attach a price tag. The price we accept for our time is more often than not of less value than our time is worth to us as a non-renewable resource. This leads to the question - What will you do to save time and bank those special moments for what really matters to you? 

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brett Pearson is the founder of MenuLockerâ„¢, an App created to educate and empower busy hospitality professionals - at whatever level of experience - to author and publish elegant menus quickly and easily. Brett has over 20 years' experience in hospitality, as an Executive Chef and Hospitality Consultant.

    Co-founder and Director, Monique A. Pearson leads and directs all social media and marketing activities (and may have even co-authored this post :) )