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  • The Art Behind Menu Writing

    26 April at 22:14 from atlas

    Your menu is a representation of the clientele you wish to serve. This may seem common sense, but all too often establishments are presenting menus written for the people working there and not for the people purchasing the product.

    Your menu is more than a list of dishes on offer to prospective patrons. It is an insight into your business - where your business is positioned currently, where it is heading and how you will choose to get it where it needs to be. It is the health of your business on display and goes hand in glove with your pricing strategy. The pricing of menu items reveal the buying power of your patrons and, ultimately, defines what will become the label or unwritten brand your business will be known by.

    Your menu is your business 'Mission Statement', your promise to your patrons. You may promise to only source the freshest produce or use the best beef in your price range and so on. You will be held accountable for the written word.

    "Be True, Be Fair, and Be Bold". 

    Define your brand because your menu is the core identifier of your business' personality.